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Accounting & Bookkeeping

E-Commerce Store Manager

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

E-Commerce Store Manager

Lead Generation

Patent Applications

Market ResearchMarket Research

Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistant

Business FAQs

What are the core services a business needs?

What business services do I need for my day-today business tasks?

First of all, your business needs to sell to generate revenue. Thus, you need sales services to help you acquire new customers. In addition, customer care services are critical for keeping existing clients loyal and convincing them to buy again. If you offer physical goods, you will probably also benefit from supply chain management services. For an online shop, you may want to consider e-commerce management to take care of any technical issues and marketing best practices. When your business grows, there are two major implications. First, you need someone to whom you can delegate daily routine management duties and assist with miscellaneous time-consuming tasks. You can hire project management and virtual assistant service providers who will work with you hand-in-hand to keep your business on the upright curve.

What business services do I need for long-term planning?

Every business needs a long-term strategy. It starts with market research that helps you to identify attractive niches. Already at this stage, but especially during the consequent planning phase, you should consider business consulting and financial consulting services. Moreover, once you have a strategy, you can hire business plan and business presentation service providers to turn your freshly backed strategy into a roadmap. You also need these services for good visualization of your business idea and its proof of concept when negotiating with your business investors. Optionally, you may need to hire legal services to create a legal framework for your business idea. HR consulting services will help you to articulate your personnel needs and form a robust recruitment strategy.

What is the difference between financial consulting and business consulting?

Business consulting is a broader term and can optionally include financial consulting. A business consultant can guide your business venture from the earliest planning and development stages, helping you to shape your ideas, bring them to paper, and, if necessary, keep realizing them on a routine basis. Alternatively, a business consultant may intervene in a specific business that is experiencing problems, helping to define and implement a stabilization strategy. A financial consultant will help in the same way, but with a specific focus on the financial aspects of your business. They will help you to align your cash flows, budgets, insurance, and taxes with your general business strategy or re-arrange your finances for more mature stages of your business. A financial consultant can also help you to save and/or invest your money effectively.

Are there business services that can help me recruit new talent?

Indeed, you can hire a wide range of HR-related services, including recruitment services. Recruitment services all of the many different stages of the recruitment process, from writing job announcements and collecting resumes to screening suitable candidates and interviewing them. Some consultants will even go further and draft you an organizational HR plan, specifying which positions you need to fill and defining your recruitment strategy to catch only the candidates that fit with your company’s culture. You can also hire a legal HR professionals for drafting job contracts. Finally, you can outsource part of the recruitment process or delegate it in its entirety on selected platforms.

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